Low and medium temperature refrigeration with Klea 448A

The most energy-efficient, lowest-GWP and nonflammable alternative to R-404A

Reduced GWP and Higher Energy Efficiency

The superior energy efficiency of Klea® 448A makes it a clear winner compared to R-404A. Add in its significantly lower global warming potential – more than two-thirds lower – and it’s easy to see why Klea® 448A should be your refrigerant choice. It is a nonflammable (ASHRAE A1) replacement for R-404A or R-22 in supermarket and commercial refrigeration applications.

A key feature of Klea® 448A, is its reduced compressor discharge temperature at both medium- and low-temperature conditions, helping to further minimise application and retrofit costs.

448a applications


Klea® 448A is an HFO blend designed to replace R-404A in low- and medium-temperature refrigeration equipment such as supermarket fridge and freezer cases and transport refrigeration.

The performance and properties of Klea® 448A have been calculated to closely match that of R-404A and R-22 for both new and retrofit applications.


In a variety of supermarket trials conducted in Europe and the U.S., Klea® 448A demonstrated over 3% lower energy consumption in low-temperature applications and in some cases over 10% lower energy consumption in medium-temperature applications as compared to R-404A.

Klea® 448A also provides similar performance to refrigeration systems using R-22 for low- and medium-temperature applications.

448a performance
448a environmental impact

Environmental Impact

Klea® 448A has 5-10% higher energy efficiency than R-404A. Its GWP of 1387 (GWP rev 4th IPCC) is 65% lower than R-404A and 34% lower than R-407A.

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