Let’s be Klea, don’t buy illegal refrigerants.

More than 22 million metric tonnes of illegal refrigerants are imported into the EU each year, putting lives and the environment at risk.

Let’s put an end to it. Join us in the fight against replica products by reporting illegal activity.

How many stores and homes have refrigerators? How many cars and workplaces have an air conditioning unit? Products filled with counterfeit refrigerants have the potential to cause serious harm to countless customers or employees.

Are you willing to risk it?

Take action to stop illegal refrigerants

Report illegal F-Gas products and
trading on the EFCTC Action line

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The risks of using illegal disposable refrigerants:

risks panel

Signs the product may be illegal:

  • Can’t return the cylinder
  • Disposable cylinder
  • Not from a reputable supplier
  • Sale is on the Internet
  • Price is too good to be true
  • No quality certificate or safety data sheet

Have you spotted a product online that
doesn’t seem genuine? Report it below.

EFCTC press release


In response to rapid emergence of illegal traffic of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs- or refrigerants) across the EU, and in order to assist the EU and Member States, EFCTC has launched a multi-level programme to fight against this illegal trade to raise awareness on this problem.

One of the issues related to the Illegal imports of F-gases is the increased activity in the transportation of pressurized/liquefied refrigerant gases in non-compliant cylinders that do not meet the ADR requirements.

Competent authorities responsible for the ADR application, institutions and transportation related associations have been informed about the problem and have been asked to ensure that the ADR rules are strictly enforced in this respect.

View the full press release here

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